# About Us

About Alshahama

Alshahama Eye Hospital is the centre of excellence for expert eye care solutions. Our care beyond service excellence has been synonymous with unique name in Pattambi, Palakkad District for eye care. Our speciality eye care hospital aims at providing outstanding care to all our guests through best in class service led by qualified doctors, highly smart and trained para medical, nursing and supporting staffs all working towards patient care and wellbeing.

Clinical services supported by Para Medical Education & Research with highest quality can help both the medical community & our patients as an integral part of Alshahama. Our team of experienced ophthalmologists is assisted by clinic staff experienced in caring for all kinds of patients. At Alshahama Eye Hospital, the comfort and care of our patients are at the core of all our activities and processes. We treat each patient as a family member and constantly strive to go beyond treating a diagnosis. We also make sure to educate our patients about their visual problems so they can make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Effective public health response & public trust made Alshahama as a beacon of "Eye Care for Pattambi ".

  •  Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
  •  IOP Measuring
  •  Glaucoma Screening
  •  Dry eye Screening
  •  Amblypia Treatment
  •  Blood Check up
  •  Full Time Ophthalmic Consultation
  •  Special Care for Children, Senior Citizens and Physically Challanged
  •  Cataract Screening
  •  ROP Screening
  •  I & C
  •  Computer Vision Syndrome Special Clinic
  •  Exclusive Optical Services
  •  Pharmacy- Your Trusted Drug Store
  •  Branded Lenses and Frames


Our Institute

Alshahama College is a beacon of hope for higher education to students from all walks of life. The academic phase is treated as a game changer that will itself define the professional success of an individual. Our process of education with contemporary course and compendious curriculum are designed to focus on inculcating the quality knowledge and cultivating professional skills with global standard recognized in this profession. Alshahama college is determined to produce the best professionals and doesn't leave any students unturned in providing world class training and exposure. Our tagline of college is Empowering the professional for better tomorrow. Alshahama College is a major addition to the Alshahama Group built with a keen objective to provide an outstanding educational landscape with world-class standards. The leadership roles of Alshahama College hold a legacy of years of experience in the educational sector. Highly qualified faculty and efficient administrators on the advisory panel, each department comprises experienced academicians and corporate professionals.

Our Team

Lathika PT

Administrative manager


Junior Optometrist

Haneena Nasreen K

Junior Optometrist

Sibhathulla CK

Senior Optometrist cum salesman

Uvais NM

Junior Optician cum Salesman

Fathima Ali

Academic Coordinator


Athira RK



Student Counselor

Husna Thasni

Student Counselor